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What to do


FISHING: river Piave and stream Boite within the area of Perarolo have a reputation as good fishing sites. The permits are granted also at the café "Covo dei zatèr" in Perarolo, near Il Cidolo B&B.


WALKING: there are many routes just around Perarolo, which we list below depending on the lenght. 
Short excursions (about 1hr):

  • visiting route to the tiny villages of San Rocco, Sacco di Sotto and Sacco di Sopra via the cidolo original site
  • Regina Margherita Trail, starting from the suburb of Caralte: a path to discover rural architecture, forest managing activities and installations creating a unique sound experience of the  wood
  • path in nature, from the suburb of Macchietto to Casera Macchietto, the starting point for a wider exploration of Wilderness area of Val Montina


Medium-lenght excursions (at the most, 3hr):

  • Dubbiea plateau, at the feet of the mount Cuz, via "Bus de le anguane" and "Bus del caldo", two remarkable natural hollows
  • visiting route to the small village of Damos, with its church dating XIV century and a stretch of a roman road, following the ancient accesses to Cadore
  • round trip of Val Montina, exploring the valley’s gorges, waterfalls and ledges
  • local stage of the wider "Traversata del Cadore" trail (a route through Cadore, from Auronzo to Peraroloo); it can either be Your starting point or the final destination
  • local stage of the wider "Cammino delle Dolomiti" trail (30 laps round trip through Belluno province): from Perarolo up to Pieve or down to Longarone
  • path up the foothills of mount Picco di Roda to the mountain pasture of  "Cima Montagna" (CAI trail sign n. 365)


Long excursions (a day or more):

  • camp Baroni, at the mountainside of mount Duranno (CAI trail sign n. 399), surrounded by the stunning Dolomiti d'Oltrepiave
  • tour of the mountain pastures on Dubbiea plateau, visiting Tabià del Bel, Casera Forzel, Casera dell'acqua, Casera de Cassan and Casera del sofio
  • Casera Cavalet (CAI trail sign n. 365), beautiful upland with a great view on the neighbour region of Friuli

CLIMBING: a few minutes away from Perarolo there are three natural cliffs equipped for sport climbing:

  • "Cavallera", one of the oldest training ground of Cadore, recently renowed and enlarged, offering grade 5c to 7c+ walls
  • "Giau", broad cliff, often used by climbing schools, offering grade 4a to 7c walls
  • "Croda Moia", small cliff near the nice waterfall of Rio Repair, offering grade 6b+ to 7c walls


SPORTING FACILITIES: in the district of Perarolo You can find two tennis courts, a football field and a five-a-side football field, a bowling green, trampolines, miniature golf and a new adventure-park including two two overhead paths across the forest



NORDIC WALKING: specific trail signs point out the many paths fit for this discipline

CYCLING: 5km beyond Perarolo it runs the cycle track "La lunga Via delle Dolomiti", passing through Cortina d'Ampezzo and Dobbiaco, then connecting with the cycle track Dobbiaco–Lienz


ALPINE AND NORDIC SKIING: the skiing facilities of Cortina d'Ampezzo, Auronzo di Cadore, Padola, Sappada and Zoldo are within an hour ride from our B&B


SNOW SHOE: in winter time, most of the hiking paths can be run on a pair of snow shoes


ICE FALLS: the valleys of river Piave and its smaller tributaries offer wonderful and appreciated ice climbing sites


For more details on the Dolomites unesco World Heritage Sites, visit dolomitimountains


Opened in 2005, this small ethnographical museum presents a collection of objects, memories and pictures about the story of the Perarolo community, closely related to wood trade and to the specific architecture of the cìdolo, "a simple but useful structure" (in the words of the historician Jacobi) to sort all the logs during their transport by river. Opening: summertime and Christmas time; on request in the rest of the year / Free admission

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PALAZZO LAZZARIS AND THE BOTANICAL GARDEN The traditional abode of Lazzaris family, committed to wood trade, was completely renowed in 1875 by the architect Antonio Caregaro Negrin and for two consecutive years (1881 and 1882) had the privilege of hosting queen Margherita di Savoia and her son Vittorio Emanuele III. Now it's the city hall, but You can freely visit most of it and admire the frescoes both inside and outside (the chapel is accessible on request). Its stunning garden includes a series of terraces, a small panorama with a tiny sightseeing tower and a greenhouse, newly restored. A kind of artificial cave introduce You to a secluted corner of the garden, decked with a fountain and an oriental-style pagoda. The terraces are made up of aromatic and officinal plants and herbs, within a development project in collaboration with the small town of Irschen (Carinzia), specialized in herbal growing, processing and trade. During Christmas time, the garden become the stage for a crèche/crib with full-scale statues representing traditional crafts and jobs of alpine inhabitants... It absolutely deserves a visit! Free admission/ Opening: the garden and the chapel are accessible all year long.

CHIESA PARROCCHIALE DI SAN NICOLO' (St Nicolò parish church) Built between 1861 and 1863, the church is especially interesting for its apse, the only remain of the larger original structure designed by the architect Antonio Caregaro Negrin. The imposing nave was early demolished as dangerous and unfit for the instability of soil, then rebuilt using lighter wood. At the moment the church is undergoing renovation, but You can visit it after request to the parson / Free admission.

CHIESA DI SAN ROCCO (St Rocco church) Built about 1830 on the Cavallera historic access road to Cadore, this church presents two important oil paintings dating back to Sixteenth century and attributed to the school of Titian. The Virgin and Child with Saint Rocco and Saint Sebastiano is attributed to Francesco Vecellio, while Saint Lucia and Saint Apollonia to Fabrizio Vecellio, brother and cousin of the world-famous Titian. Free admission / Opening: Sunday, during Mass time, starting at 10 a.m.