Il Cidolo brief history

Il Cidolo B&B takes his name from a local traditional architecture, leaping back to 1668, when it was built in Perarolo the first artificial lock over river Piave: a cìdolo indeed. Entirely made of wood, it was set across the river Piave (a smaller lock was on the torrent Boite) as a bridge bui it’s main function was to sort the logs (in dialect, taje) that down the centuries were transported by river. The local economy was long based on the rich forests of Cadore: even the famous painter Titian was owner of a sawmill in Perarolo. In the past time, the village was packed with wood dealers, sales representatives, sawyers and raftsmen, working in the entire process of wood cutting, transport and trade. For them all the river was absolutely the best way to move heavy weigthts down to the plain and over all to Venice, capitalizing on the water natural flowing.  
To learn more about this history, we are waiting for You at the Museo del cidolo e del legname, hosted in a small building within the garden of Palazzo Lazzaris: it’s worth a hop!